Chiropractic for the Family
Chiropractic care involves Dr. Olson analyzing your spine, specifically seeking out misalignments in one or more of your spinal bones. These subluxations interrupt the connection between your brain and body, typically resulting in pain, numbness, and impaired mobility. Chiropractic is an alternative to surgery and prescription drugs, focusing instead on restoring the communication between brain and body through chiropractic adjustment. Treatments are available and appropriate for newborns to the elderly.
Spinal Manipulations for Pain Relief and Healing
Chiropractic adjustment is the application of a precise, sudden force to the site of spinal subluxations. There are over 200 formal techniques for realigning the vertebrae. Dr. Olson chooses to combine techniques so that each treatment is specific to an individual patientís needs and preferences. Additionally, he incorporates several different chiropractic tables and tools, such as the Apollo cold laser, and stresses sound nutrition for pain relief and healing. Refer to the 1to1 Chiropractic Catalog for health aids to support your chiropractic care..
Beyond the Back
Chiropractic care has benefits beyond back pain relief. While it is true that spinal misalignments typically cause upper back pain and lower back pain, subluxations can affect the rest of the body as well. Neck pain, sometimes the result of whiplash, is typically the result of trauma to the upper spine. Similarly, shoulder pain related to an illness, injury, or accident can also be resolved through the spine.  Leg pain, often caused by Sciatica or even Restless Leg, is directly connected to spinal injury or deterioration.

Chiropractor Auburn
Chiropractor Auburn
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