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Myth 1: It is disabling
Back pain relief is possible through chiropractic adjustment, regular exercise, stretching, and sound nutrition. Chiropractic care is based on the idea that a chiropractor can tap into a bodyís innate healing abilities through a combination of spinal manipulations and stretching techniques. Even when you are experiencing chronic or recurring upper back pain or lower back pain, your condition is not permanently disabling.

Myth 2: It Requires Surgery and Medicine
Back pain does not always require an x-ray for your care provider to diagnose and treat your condition. Similarly, MRIís and CT scans can only offer stationary images of your bones and muscles, without offering insight into how your spine moves and works. Prescription drugs only relieve the symptoms, without addressing and resolving the root of your pain. Avoid the radiation, save yourself time, and keep your money. Chiropractic care providers take into account how your spine works when you are moving, giving you better insight into how to correct misalignments in your spine with chiropractic adjustment and exercises for back pain.
Back Pain Relief Myths: Be wary of following traditional advice for back pain relief; current research refutes a number of myths surrounding back pain.
Myth 3: It Is Healed Through Bed Rest
Perhaps the most potentially damaging myth is the notion that healing is achieved through bed rest. This is categorically false - if you stay in bed until your back stops hurting, you will be there forever. It is imperative to rehabilitate the spine by increasing its flexibility, strengthening ligaments, and protecting yourself from disc degeneration.

Back Pain relief happens with exercise and mobilizations. Chiropractic care involves spinal manipulations, as well as teaching you how to achieve sustained back pain relief and healing through mobilizations at home. See Dr. Olsonís suggested Exercises For Back Pain for assistance with relieving Back Pain.